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by Garfield Ogilvie

Retired teachers, Garfield Ogilvie and his wife, Marilyn, are long time residents of the city of Nepean, Ontario.



An Invitation

Come on a literary journey with an Ottawa-born writer, whom his publisher called a master story teller of the Ottawa Valley.

In rhythmic language, Garfield Ogilvie’s trilogy presents the culture, charm, and history of the Gaelic peoples in a small community called West Huntley, Ontario, Canada, and in other Gaelic settlements overseas and here.

Some 5000 copies are now in libraries, schools, universities and homes in Canada, U.S., and Ireland. The stories are timeless and true, about a people that have been responsible for prosperity in all the lands to which they came. Learn first-hand about early pioneer Irish life on a Canadian farm, how it survived amid giant forests, stagnant swamps, wild animals, insects, isolation and disease.

Garfield lived among the descendents of theses immigrants in his golden summers of 1937-1946. He writes about the local characters and their way of life, especially in his book, Once Upon A Country Lane.

Read about their hardships, handicaps and joy. How in poverty, they remained rich in spirit. How they took neighbourliness to a higher level. Capture the author’s joy in the green valleys and rolling pastures of an Irish farm. Feel the freedom, romance and chicanery of a boy’s paradise.

Find out why the Irish left Ireland for a new beginning. Enjoy the many interviews that Garfield had with the old descendents of those pioneers. Be privy to Garfield’s daily life with his grandmother, her crippled son, his handicapped uncle and polio-stricken cousin.

In all three books, travel with Garfield on his seven journeys to Ireland and Scotland. Enjoy his stories, description and anecdotes. Read about Tara, Newgrange, Dublin, Howth, Cork, Connemara, Balmoral, Perth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, the whispering sands of Iona, the sunsets of Galway, the sheer Cliffs of Moher, and the whiskey trails of the Highlands. Oh, those Lakes of Killarney, Behan’s Dublin, Yeat’s Sligo, the Irish playgrounds of Joyce and O’Casey and the winding windy shores of Malahide, Donegal, Bantry, Aberdeen, Ullapool, and St.Andrews.

Thrown in for good measure in all three books are his thoughts and stories written about his visits to France, Hawaii, Spain, England Portugal, Eastern Canada and Newfoundland that sparkle with wit, wisdom and not a little mysticism.

Garfield’s stories are enjoyed in seniors’ residences. nursing homes, armchairs, hammocks, libraries cottages, and wherever good people live and rest.

The cost of each book is $20.00.


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Once Upon a Country Lane

Garfield Thomas Ogilvie

IN THE WESTERN SECTION OF Carleton County lies a region of hospitality once known as West or Upper Huntley Township. An Irish community has lived among its ridges and valleys for the past 170 years. Once Upon a Country Lane is the story of the land and of its people.

The author's seventy-year friendship with this Celtic settlement began as a child. During summer, Christmas, and Easter vacations, from 1937 to 1946, he lived with his grandmother at O'Keefe's Corners, West Huntley. Here, oblivious to the hardships of the Depression and the turbulence of war, Garfield Ogilvie basked in West Huntley's pastoral splendour, a comfort he never again experienced in his lifetime.

In this book the author reflects on those carefree days. Supporting personal memories with extensive research gathered here and in Ireland, the author presents an intimate picture of the Irish of West Huntley. With folklore, history, humour, pathos, and romance - all offered in a simple, chatty, down-home style - Once Upon a Country Lane gives pleasure to readers of all ages - $20 plus shipping and handling

About the Second Edition:

"The reprint of Once Upon a Country Lane has been made possible by the many readers who enjoyed the original. Although its subject material centres on a particular Irish settlement in Ontario, its broader scope of Irish history and the Gaelic mystique is enticing to many." - Garfield Ogilvie


Silver Linings

Garfield Thomas Ogilvie

A collection of tender sketches, homespun reflections, and stories to feed the soul -

$20 plus shipping and handling


Tomorrow is a Lovely Day

Garfield Thomas Ogilvie

Tomorrow is a Lovely Day illuminates the past with the insights of a gifted storyteller with a keen eye for human interest.

In this book you will find prose and poetry, humour and pathos, warmth and understanding, woven throughout a series of concise vignettes. The author will take you across the Atlantic on journeys to find his roots. You will encounter religious devotion, past and present. Garfield Ogilivie offers personal historical insights, as well as snapshots of seasons, beloved pets, and the small creatures you find in city backyards.

This book draws you into a world that is passing away - a world that delivers, in its twilight, persistent, heart-warming messages of love and hope - $20 plus shipping and handling


The Garfield Ogilvie Trilogy

Order the complete Garfield Ogilvie Trilogy - $60 plus shipping and handling

Garfield Thomas Ogilvie

A TRIO OF BOOKS for the mind and spirit. The Garfield Ogilvie Trilogy includes Once Upon a Country Lane, Silver Linings, and the recently launched Tomorrow is a Lovely Day.



Quotable Quotes 

• “Gentle books…easy to read…we need more of such books”

Marianna O’Gallagher, Quebec City
Teacher, author, archivist

 • “These books are a great delight for those who like to savour great writing… the phrases flow in an unending stream…a feast of words which pierce the senses, leaving a feeling of quiet enjoyment”

Frank Keane, Vancouver, B.C.
Publisher, author, reviewer

 • “Affectionate…delightful…evocative…charming…tender…”

Bob Phillips, Ottawa Citizen

 • “Full of good stuff inside lovely covers”

Joan Finnegan, Harrington, Ontario

 • “Garfield Ogilvie is a living master of a dying tradition, one of the Ottawa Valley’s most gifted storytellers…”

John Flood,
Publisher of Penumbra Press

 • “Garfield Ogilvie has an eye even greater than his pen…Ecclesiastes describes it as ‘the eye is not satisfied with seeing’…he has put together a veritable potpourri of life; in every story there is an inexhaustible meaning…with each yarn my envy overfloweth.”

Jack Kinsella
Sports writer, raconteur, author


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